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Yes, we stick build too! Occasionally the design, schedule, and/or owner preference dictate a stick built solution. While we consider this a bit "old school", we are happy to work with this system when desired. Because stick built is old technology, most people think of this method when they first think of building a home.

A stick-built home is a wooden framed house constructed on a building site, piece by piece (or stick by stick). Manufactured and modular homes are not classified as stick-built, because they are made mostly in the factory, transported to the site, and assembled.

A custom home and a home made according to stock building plans may both be stick-built, provided that they are constructed board-by-board on the land where they will remain.

Also Known As:





  • Site built
  • Hard construction
  • "In situ"





Pros and Cons.


A common perception is that stick-built homes are better constructed, last longer, and have a better resale value than prefabricated or modular homes. This perception may or may not have been true in the past; however, our experience is that our modular homes have a speed of construction and an embedded build quality that is virtually impossible to replicate "in the field" and that factory built environment ensures great quality. Like most things, the quality of the framing crew and the materials used will affect the end results.


Common perceptions against stick-built homes involve time and money-that is, stick-built homes take more time to build and they cost more than houses built off-site. Competitors also claim that continuous construction traffic to and from the building site makes the stick-built process less than a "green" building environment. Our experience is that these issues can be true depending on the quality of the crews involved.