Whether it’s a modest lakeside log home in Saratoga Springs or surrounding areas, a panelized home in Cambridge or a modular home in Greenfield NY, every home is custom to us here at Mansfield Custom Homes. We specialize in listening to your individual needs and incorporating them into your new home. We don’t design homes for you, we design homes with you. Our goal is that your new home will be everything you wanted and more!

Our underlying philosophy is that every new home should be beautiful, efficient and cost-effective. We strive to make every home unique and responsive to your specific needs and interests. Large home or small cottage, new construction or remodeling, large budget or shoestring, every project is treated with respect and excitement, and our goal is to bring the most thoughtful design and construction solutions to the table for each customer. We want your home to be beautiful, durable and efficient.


Your new home is an expression of you and your lifestyle. Our goal is to provide thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship, customized to your needs, your specific site, and your budget.


We believe in efficiency in every step of the process. From efficient design and construction solutions to minimize waste, to the use of quality materials to reduce operating and maintenance costs over time, an efficient home design results in quality results that last.

Cost Effective.

Our goal is that your home is cost effective to build, own and operate. The costs of building and owning a home are embedded in all the decisions made throughout the design and construction process. The size, style and layout of your home, along with the selection of materials and construction techniques used will all effect the end costs. We strive to use the best designs, quality materials, and efficient construction solutions.