in Greenfield Center & Milton, NY

Green building is a systems approach made up of many components and how "green" your new home will be is a result of many decisions you will make along the way. Green building includes the use of sustainable materials, the reduction of waste during construction, the recycling of waste products, and the creation of a new structure with the superior energy efficiency to reduce the costs to heat and cool the building.

The use of modular or panelized construction systems is vastly more efficient (and green) than traditional stick built construction techniques. System built homes are constructed inside, in a centralized location by trained professional carpenters. Drywall scraps, cardboard, and paper and plastic packing materials are collected and recycled. Additionally, most materials are delivered in bulk directly from the manufacturer greatly reducing the handling and shipping of these materials. Framing and plywood scraps are internally recycled as part of the building process. As a result, the home arrives at your site with significantly less embodied energy than found in an on-site stick built home. So great are the environmental efficiencies, that these homes can qualify for up to 4 points from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization - simply because they are system built. This is one of the largest point awards of the entire LEED program.

Energy Efficiency.

A big part of being green is reducing the use of energy to heat and cool your new home. Many factors can affect energy use in your home including design, orientation on the site, type of insulation, and quality of insulation. Mansfield Custom Homes can help you perfect your home design so that it maximizes all aspects of Energy Efficiency. Using quality materials, and quality windows and doors is an important factor. Also, starting with a system built home gives a great head start to achieving this goal. System built homes have superior insulation and superior quality control. Improper installation of insulation and/or vapor barriers and failure to find and seal air leaks is common in stick built homes. These failures are eliminated in the system built home, resulting in a superior, efficient home. The use of high efficiency heating and cooling equipment is also a factor that can reduce your operating costs for years. High efficiency lighting (LED's) is also recommended.